Why I’m Running


As a parent with children ages 6 and under,  I deserve to have as much transparency as possible from our school district. Our entire community deserves to have the clearest possible picture of the school district’s policies, procedures and priorities. As a longtime journalist, I’ll advocate for better transparency wherever possible, and push for a district that openly acknowledges its shortcomings, as well as celebrates its many successes. [Read more: Transparency.]


As the district searches for a new superintendent to lead our schools, I want the board to perform the best possible due diligence. That means doing a deep dive into the candidates’ background, combing through news reports and speaking with a wide range of members from the candidates’ communities to identify potential red flags before they become our problems. I want to see a superintendent who is a visionary, a leader and a committed advocate for the dignity of all our students. [Read more: Accountability.]


It’s not a word we hear on a regular basis, but dignity must be an integral part of any policy, proposal or process. Our children are individuals with their own opinions, their own abilities and their own challenges. Dignity should be considered one of the district’s core values, and something that each member of our school community should consider on a daily basis. [Read more: Dignity.]

I hope you’ll join me, Bruno J. Navarro, on Nov. 6, to elect a board of education for an enlightened and innovative 21st century student body. Thank you.

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Bruno J. Navarro is a 2018 candidate for one of three seats on the South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education. For more information, please visit NavarroSOMA.com. Follow him on Facebook here.

Navarro for Board of Education Campaign Mobile
Bruno J. Navarro, on the left, is a 2018 candidate for one of three seats on the South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education. Vote Nov. 6.

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